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Company to promote corporate culture construction program
DATE:2016-8-23   VISITORS:168

< p > to implement the construction of the corporate culture, according to the board of directors of the company will be put on the building of enterprise culture to & ldquo; strive to one year of the formation of atmosphere, two years to see results, three years to see the effectiveness & rdquo; requirements, and actively promote the building of enterprise culture, this scheme is formulated.


< p > A, conscientiously study and improve staff awareness of the significance of the construction of enterprise culture in May 2005 1 to 12 June 30 during, by Wednesday learning, and team work before the meeting 10 minutes time, adopts the method of combining focus on learning and self, cadres at and above the vice squad leader of the organization, conscientiously study and enterprise culture Handbook, the first and the second part and the enterprise culture construction basic knowledge, the company middle-level leading to further understand the basic knowledge of enterprise culture, clear the important role of corporate culture, thereby enhancing consciousness cultivation and the practice of corporate culture.


< p > 2, positive publicity, and guide the workers understand and agree with the company's corporate culture and strive to March 1, 100% of cadres to memorize "corporate culture Handbook" value concept, management ideas and norms of behavior, workers have to 90% of the comrades to memorize the value concept, management thought and the code of conduct for employees. For this purpose, to take the following measures: < br / > 1, take the workshop focused on learning and self - learning methods, to organize and guide the workers to learn the "corporate culture Handbook".
2, the newspaper publicity "key content manual" stage in the corporate culture. In the maintenance of production activities in the infiltration of corporate culture, such as slogans, slogans, etc..
3, the unity of the production of publicity boards, login value concept, behavior norms and other important content, hanging in the meeting room or other eye-catching place, this work plans to complete before July 1st.
4, to the workshop as a unit, before the end of August, by the workshop leader to the job of a "corporate culture Handbook" preaching.
5, the end of 12, the organization of the whole company cadres and workers to carry out the enterprise culture knowledge test. Vice president of the company's organization, the general cadres and workers from the workshop organized by the organization.
6, copy the factory song CD to the grass roots, organize the workers to learn to sing the song activities, in mid August to assess the level of plant songs to learn to learn to sing.
7, do a good job in the writing of corporate culture, the work of writing.
8, the meeting room seating card, basic unit plate printed on plant identification, the work plan completed in July 15th.


three, regulate behavior, establish a good corporate image and the image of
1, strengthen the assessment, the implementation of enterprise service standards. Supervise and ensure the operation of the quality assurance system and the implementation of the working procedure. Issued a monthly assessment of the bulletin, reward and punishment to honor. This work is responsible for the workshop.
2, pay attention to develop, standardize the behavior of cadres and workers. Adhere to the guidance of education and rules and regulations, standardize the behavior of employees, education and guide the workers to consciously adhere to the “ eight to do ” requirements. According to the requirements of “ ” education and assessment of cadres. The human resources department is responsible for the work.
3, pay attention to etiquette, improve the quality of workers. Revised and strict implementation of the company in the meeting discipline, and strive to prevent the meeting late, on a mobile phone and other bad behavior. To promote the language of civilization, courtesy.



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