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Efforts to build a learning oriented enterprises fully show the characteristics of scientific management
DATE:2016-8-23   VISITORS:195

< p > every into Xinhua steel, without exception, employees enthusiasm and vigor, high responsibility and strong entrepreneurial spirit deeply infected. This is the company & ldquo; people-oriented & rdquo; the construction of spiritual civilization of the focus on stimulating employee dedication, team awareness training, shaping the team spirit, the humanized management and semi military of management of the organic combination of success reflected. The company's implementation of the management process of several points of experience summed up as follows:


< p >, & ldquo; T” grasp the concept of Management & ldquo; strict, fine, solid & rdquo; efforts to welcome change people & ldquo; T” philosophy is: today, work done today, tomorrow (tomorrow) pre arranged, do & ldquo; for the day when Nissin, monthly month knot & rdquo;. And to do a good job every “ today ” work, we must carry forward “ strict, detailed, real ” work style, down to earth, meticulous. Arrangements for tomorrow's work will have to be based on the company's annual work objectives and seasonal characteristics listed in accordance with the month, according to the weekly schedule, so that the work plans to finalize the design and institutionalization.


two, security management highlights a “ strict ” word. First we discuss the development of a set of management system and work standards, work flow chart, such as the field operation procedures, welding flow chart, quality management flow chart, etc.. The entire chapter formed to implement the responsibility, to manage the system, strictly regulate the operation of the production process, the implementation of semi military management monthly according to a quantification assessment rules, cash strictly on awards and post salary, according to the beginning of security contract honored end security contract award. Especially in the implementation of the & ldquo; two votes system & rdquo, standardized operation, standardized acceptance, anti violation of the terms of strict requirements, rewards to heavy fines.

three, running management highlights a “ fine ” word. The production process operation and the quality of the subtle are clear requirements, each workpiece production is completed, leaders, quality inspector organization review, written examination opinions, step by step the operation standard.

< p > 4, & ldquo; 5S” to create good production and working environment, enhance the production level of civilization company introduced Japan a site management & ldquo; 5S” activities, namely SEIRT (Seiton) is, rectify finishing, cleaning (Seiso), clean (Seiketsu), and literacy (Shitsuke), the objective is to create a clean, comfortable and reasonable working environment, and the work environment clean and tidy to improve and enhance the management effectiveness of and improve the professionalism and independent consciousness of employee.




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